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> Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd (#600019)

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Gas Cars > 1/8 offroad

Serpent Cobra SRX8 EVO GP 1/8 4wd Main new features - 4.5mm anodized aluminium 7075 T6 shocktowers front and rear - Shockcaps with dual system, membrane / emulsion - New grey coated chassisplate in 7075 T6, with improved engine position. - Molded uprights for increased traction, 2 lower /4 upper positions for set-up - Springsteel centre driveshafts and adaptors in dogbone style for durability, eas of use and maintenance - Latest wishbones type with added set-up options and improved materials - Additional hingepin inserts for more settngs - High downforce Avenger body

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Justin Fales November Race Reports (2018/12/31)


Round 4 of The Force Series:
The track started out super slick Saturday morning. Then went to high bite big time. Did we qualify well? In Ebuggy, yes I would say. Started 2nd behind Billy Easton. Before the mains, according to the LiveRc list we would run starting at 5pm. So we changed sway bars, springs, hubs ect. We were traction rolling all afternoon. Then they did a couple of mains updates. Turned out we would start late in the night. Well as the temp dropped quick, so did the traction of the track. But using the new AKA P1 tire in soft compound the Ebuggy was decent and good enough the take...

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27-11-18Billy Easton reports the 2019 IFMAR Worlds in Perth, Australia
22-11-18Team Serpent scores at the FORCE Series in Fort Lauderdale Florida
29-10-18Carlos Duaes Tq's & Wins at Portuguese Cup!
08-10-18Carlos Durăes‎ wins Portuguese Championship 2018 with the SRX8EVO
18-09-18Team Serpent sweeps the podium in pro nitro buggy at the FORCE series at Strickland RC in Daytona Beach!
18-09-18Brandon Rose reports 2018 Souther Nationals
12-09-18 Kyle Phillipps wins the ROAR regional 15 and under champion!
10-09-18Justin Fales take double wins in ROAR Region 4 Championship with SRX8 and SRX8E
10-09-18Serpent wins at S&B Championship!!
14-08-18Justin Fales takes TQ and the win at the Florida state race “The Force Series”
19-06-18TQ and win at Procircuit race in Sweden
19-06-18Race report Buggy Euros Warm-up
20-02-18USA: Team Serpent at the Dirt Nitro Challenge
21-01-18Team: Cody King from USA joins Team Serpent Offroad
15-01-18Cobra SRX8 EVO and SRX8-E: Best of both Worlds !
06-09-17Lightweight alu center shafts for Cobra SRX8-EVO
06-09-17promowebsite for Cobra SRX8 EVO is LIVE