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Serpent Cobra Truggy, version TE, gaspowered 1/8 scale 4wd high end competition version. Kit version. New version features new diff-couplers combined with larger bearings, and larger bearings in the steeringblocks and uprights, all to increase durability even more. 4wd gaspowered version, based on the sucessfull Cobra Buggy. The ultimate competition racing truggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA.

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Cobra Truggy GP: set-up for Dirt (2014/05/19)


Our USA team has tested a little different set-up and parts on the Cobra truggy.

It works really well in dirt conditions, but not on astro turf or similar high grip tracks.

rear uprights 600476
castor blocks 600136
2.0 front swaybar 600337
2.7 rear swaybar 600239

Mike Truhe used these parts on his Cobra Truggy at the recent national warm-up and finished 4th in the A-main.

Give it a try !

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