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Serpent Viper 988 1/8 GP Gaspowered toplevel racecar with 4wd, belt-drive, Centax true motion clutch, XLi-8 gearbox, flex-system front and rear, brake on rear axle, front one-ways, rear solid axle, ballraced anti-rollbars, low big bore shocks, narrow rear end pivots. A fully adjustable race chassis to the latest spec and technology. 2017 German National Champion: Dominic Greiner

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Nacho Lopez report of the last round of Spanish Nats in Sevilla (2018/10/10)


We arrived on Friday afternoon to the fantastic track of Sevilla, a perfect place to do some racing with the 1/8 scale cars.
Till the first fuel tank on Friday the balance of the car was quite good. I just had a bit of understeer and we changed the setup a little bit to try to find this extra steering I needed. Step by step the car was working better and the pace was quite fast and super constant.

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25-09-18Team Serpent takes 2 national titles at the US nationals.
19-09-18Michael Salven reports German Nationals in Ettlingen, 13-16 of September
18-09-18Joaquin De Soto reports 2018 Cow Patty at Nuggets Ranch Raceway
05-09-18Michael Salven takes Euopean title 1:8 over 40
01-09-18Joaquin De Soto wins the 2018 CLC 1/8th Open
23-08-18 Victor Gonzalez is the new Spanish Champion 1/8 On Road 2018
13-08-18Gunther van Staey wins Belgium championship.
02-08-18Cristobal Herrera wins Round 8 of the Chilean National IC Track Championship
27-07-18Dana Smeltzer wins Sanwa Grand Prix 1/8th Masters
26-07-18Joaquin De Soto jr takes the win at the 2018 Sanwa Grand Prix 1/8th Open
25-07-18Race report of the Barceloneta Caribbean National
14-07-18ENS Rd3 Aigen Report Merlin Depta
09-07-18Gunther van Staey takes second place at the Belgium Nationals
26-06-18Race report Mikael Fransson Swedish cup race 1 Vxj
14-06-18Race report Merlin Depta
05-04-18Spain: Alonso joins Team Serpent - 988
21-02-18Italy: Egidio Addesso joins Team Serpent 1/8 GP onroad
20-02-18USA: Merlin Depta at Winternats 2018 with 988
19-02-18Team: joins Team Serpent 988
19-02-18Team: Cuirlante joins Team Serpent
12-02-18Team: Tobias Hepp joins Team Serpent with Viper 988
25-10-17Michael Salven confirmed for the SAC 2017 in Hong Kong
09-10-17[ SPT News ] Greiner confirmed for Serpent Asia Cup 2017
04-10-17Serpent Viper 988 promopage ready
02-10-17SAC 2017: Nicholas Lee confirmed !
26-09-17Serpent Asia Cup 2017, Hong Kong
12-09-17Serpent with Viper 988 at the Worlds